Construction & Contract Law

Construction & Contract Law

Construction Law & Contract Law

Contracts and compliance with the law are a huge part of every business, but they are particularly important to anyone involved in construction. Having a solid contract helps everything go smoothly and keeps everyone on the same page when it comes to payment, timeline, liability issues, and more.

Should I Have a Lawyer Review My Construction Agreement?

You should have a lawyer review your construction agreement or contract in order to get it right. The construction of a new home or improvement to an existing home is a large financial expense for the homeowner. To the homeowner design, material, and construction details are important. Any construction mistakes that are made can be costly. That’s why it is important for the owner and contractor to get it right at the beginning of the relationship. Both parties in the agreement need to know what their responsibilities are to one another. This prevents misunderstandings that could lead to a break down of the relationship. It all starts with a well-written agreement.

Is It Costly to Have a Lawyer Review or Write a Contract?

Most of the time the legal work involved can be done in a few hours for a few hundred dollars. If it is not done right it can cost more than it would to have a lawyer review the contract and make changes. Getting involved in a dispute or litigation over a construction contract can cost significantly more. It can also take time, take an emotional toll, and impact the home you live in. To avoid getting involved in a costly dispute it is better to have a lawyer review or write the contract.

Can I Draft My Own Contract?

Yes but not many people have the training, knowledge or expertise to do it correctly. Contract law is complicated. The words and terms used in a contract are important. When it comes to construction matters the words and terms used have certain meanings in a court of law. Certain states have their own laws regarding construction matters. These laws must be addressed when drafting the contract. Certain terms must be used and others must not be used. Failure to follow these laws in select states can result in significant penalties or liability.

What If I am Involved in a Construction Dispute or Litigation?

If you are involved in a construction dispute or litigation in the state of Florida contact our law office.

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