Florida Employment and Labor Poster Requirements

Florida Employment and Labor Poster Requirements

What Florida Employers Need to Know about Employment and Labor Poster Requirements

Federal and state law requires Florida employers to conspicuously display informational labor posters to educate workers as to the full extent of their rights. The specific posters that your business will also depend on its own unique situation and industry. However, there are a few employment posters that almost every Florida business is going to have to keep posted. Here’s what you need to know for compliance at both federal and state levels.

Federal Law

All Florida employers subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) must print out and post this notice explaining the FLSA’s finer details. The poster must be placed somewhere that makes it accessible to employees and easy for them to both read and reference. It covers basic information including minimum wage and tip credit. Contact information for reporting violations can be found at the bottom as well.  

FLSA, 29 USC 211, 29 C.F.R. § 516.4

Florida State Law

Florida law requires all employers covered by the state’s minimum wage laws to conspicuously display a poster informing employees of the current minimum wage, prohibitions against employer retaliation, and any other applicable rights under the Florida Constitution. There are specific rules for the posters’ size and text, available here.

§ 448.109, Fla. Stat.

Local Laws and Other Ordinances

Your city or county might have its own additional requirements not covered in this article, too. Because of this and other possible complications, it’s smart to consult with a trusted local business attorney before proceeding. This also goes for businesses that operate in other states in addition to Florida. Don’t assume every state has the same or even similar requirements – they don’t.

Once you’ve met Florida’s requirements for displaying labor law posters, it’s time to protect your business and your relationship with your employees with a lawyer-drafted employment agreement. Oral agreements are rarely enforceable in the case of a dispute. Schedule online or call us at (727) 279-5037.

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