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Operating Agreement

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Florida Operating Agreement

Our Attorney will work with you to go over the provisions of your operating agreement, including but not limited to:

  • Identify the Members of the LLC and the respective members’ percentage interest in the LLC. 
  • Manager Managed LLC
  • Single-Class Membership; (contact us if you need multi-class)
  • Voting Rights
  • Allocation of Distribution and Profits
  • Management Rights
  • Additional Contributions;
  • Minority member protection;
  • Tax Distribution;
  • Tax Matter Partner;
  • Establish a Reserve; 
  • Frequency of Meetings;
  • Financial Reports for Owners
  • Irreconcilable differences (optional)
  • Buy-sell in the event of death, disability, or divorce; 
  • Dispute Resolution Provisions; 
  • Non-Compete; 
  • Non-Solicitations;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Duty of Loyalty; 
  • Indemnification of Managers and Members;
  • Withdrawal of a Member or a Manager;
  • Restrictions on transfer of equity;
  • LLC’s Right of Frist Refusal on sale of Membership Interest; 
  • Events that cause the company to dissolve; 

This is a no-obligation order. No payment information required. Our Attorney reviewes each request to ensure we do not have a conflict of interest with any other client before accepting any new client. Prices are our good faith estimates base on projects we have completed in the past. We reserve the right to decline any project for any reason. No Attorney-Client relationship is formed until we have a written agreement any client indiciating as such.

How to Get started

Submit an Order Request
Once we receive your order, our office will contact you to perform a conflict check, get more details, and schedule a time for you to speak with our Attorney. This is a no-obligation order.
Discuss Scope of Project
Our Attorney will go over the scope of the project and answer any initial questions you may have.
Engagement Agreement
We will send you an engagement agreement with the scope, pricing, and any other details you may have discussed with our Attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you a law firm?

Unlike many businesses and websites selling legal services, FL Patel Law PLLC is a bona fide law firm. This means that all of your contracts are drafted and reviewed by an experienced business attorney. Our firm has years of experience with documents of all kinds, including Shareholders Agreements, Operating Agreements, and Corporate Resolutions, just to name a few. 

2. Will I work with an attorney?

Yes — from start to finish, our lawyers will support you every step of the way. We make ourselves available to our clients whenever possible so that you can benefit from our knowledge and experience. You’ll get updates on your contracts and have the opportunity to review them and provide feedback before receiving your final product. 

3. Can I download a form online?

The final draft of your contract will be available for download online through our client portal, Clio. 

4. Do you sell forms?

Our firm drafts personally tailored contracts and other legal documents for our clients. We also draft and file both state and federal forms on their behalf. That said, we do not charge our clients for sample templates from government agencies that can easily be found online. We also do not waste our client’s time with discounted, typically insufficient “cookie-cutter” forms that claim to work for businesses of all kinds. These documents, more often than not, just aren’t going to cut it. 

5. How do I know what contract is best for my business?

With so many different kinds of contracts out there, it can be hard to figure out which one will best meet the needs of your business. That’s why, before you sign anything or make any payments, our attorneys are available for phone consultations where they will advise you and help you find the contract that’s right for you. 

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