How to Make Changes to a Florida LLC

How to Make Changes to a Florida LLC

How to Make Changes to a Florida LLC

All of us have to adapt and change in response to what life throws at us. A limited liability company is no different. Maybe your business moved from Tampa to Saint Petersburg and needs to update its address. Or maybe you need to update your Operating Agreement to reflect newly added Members. Whatever the circumstance, you need to know how to make changes to your limited liability company. Even if you don’t foresee any big shifts on the horizon, knowing how to alter your Florida LLC’s documents and how to update other important information is essential to running a business. 

Amending the Articles of Organization

In the State of Florida, changes can be made to the Articles of Organization by filing Articles of Amendment to the Articles of Organization. Here you can change your business’s name, its principal or mailing address, and other provisions covered by your formation documents. You can add or remove authorized persons this way, too. There is a $25.00 fee to file this document with the Division of Corporations. 

 Please note that, because every Florida LLC is different, the default Articles of Amendment might not necessarily cover everything in your original Articles of Organization. If this is the case, you can attach additional sheets as needed. 

Amending the Operating Agreement

The State of Florida doesn’t require one, but there isn’t a single limited liability company out there that won’t benefit from having an Operating Agreement. If you don’t have one already, get one. This is because Operating Agreements govern the management and future of your business. Without one, your business is governed by Florida State Statutes, which are less than clear for anyone who hasn’t been to law school. 

If you already have an Operating Agreement, then it should spell out the procedure for making amendments. Usually, this means a vote of the Members, be it by majority, supermajority, or unanimous consent. Record these votes in your Florida LLC’s Meeting Minutes.  

Changing the Registered Agent or Registered Office

You can change your Registered Agent and/or the Registered Office for your LLC by filing the Articles of Amendment to the Articles of Organization. You will need the new Registered Agent to sign your Articles of Amendment, too.  

Keeping this information current might not seem as important as other updates, but that assumption would be wrong. It’s not just about avoiding fines or other penalties, either. If you don’t have a Registered Agent, then you risk missing a service of process. This would mean a default judgment against you or your Florida LLC. 

Every business needs to change with the times if they want to reach their full potential. However, knowing what changes to make and how to accomplish them requires extra attention and care if you want your business to keep moving in the right direction. For advice or assistance with all matters of business law, contact us today by visiting our website or by calling (727) 279-5037.

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