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5 Employees that Every Company Needs

As a business owner or hiring manager, you want to make sure that you fill the positions within your business with the people…
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Steps to Guarantee Your HR Policies Are In Compliance

When growing a business, a set of rules and regulations govern the processes and procedures of activities within the company. HR laws comprise…
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Tips to Protect Your Business From Fraud

You often hear stories about fraud against individuals, however businesses are just as susceptible to fraud. A business constantly deals with customers, employees,…
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How To Defend Your Business From Unemployment Claims In Florida

When it comes time to terminate an employee, the best thing you can do to defend yourself from unemployment claims happens well before…
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Florida Price Gouging Law

Florida Price Gouging Law: What Business Owners Need to Know.

The State of Florida has declared a state of emergency. This means that Florida Price Gouging Laws may apply to your business. If…
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Why Are Business Partnership Agreements Important?

Why Are Business Partnership Agreements Important? When you want to start a business with someone else, even if it's a family member or…
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