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Our firm is quick, agile, and experienced in business management and operations.

Our Core

Our firm is here to advise you on everything that matters in corporate law, including entity formation, contracts, employment issues, trade transactions, risk management, and intellectual property protection.

We provide sophisticated legal counsel to businesses of all shapes and sizes, from start-ups to corporations. We develop meaningful relationships with every client we work with, taking the time to understand who you are, what you do, and what you need to achieve your goals.

Our corporate law service goes beyond the call of duty, no matter your industry. We use a centralized hub-and-spoke model to act as your company’s go-to legal resource and bring on other legal partners for specific issues related to healthcare, regulatory enforcement, litigation, government contracting, real estate, and intellectual property. We save our clients time and money by establishing these relationships beforehand so our clients get the advice necessary to make timely decisions.

Our firm shines when it comes to managing your company’s core assets. Our extensive transactional experience speaks for itself, from mergers to acquisitions, joint ventures, sales, consolidations, reorganizations, and more. We can even create and review internal policies and procedures, providing tested and trusted advice on how to avoid legal issues well in advance.

Our Breadth of Coverage
Corporate Counsel
We're the first call our clients make when they have an issue. As their corporate counsel, we provide guidance on a wide variety of matters before our clients need an attorney specialized in any one field.
Entity Formation & Management
We advise our clients on establishing LLCs, corporations, partnerships, non-profits, benefit corporations, S-corporations, private equity funds, special purpose LLCs, and investment clubs.
Conversion and Domestication
Relocate your company to the State of Florida or out of the State of Florida to another state.
We provide counsel related to all types of Florida non-profits, including obtaining 501(c)(3) designation.
Tax Advice and Consideration
We advise clients on tax strategies to lower their overall taxes and ensure proper compliance with the IRS.
Intellectual Property & Licensing
We help our clients with establishing IP strategies for protecting core assets and monetization through licensing.
Regulatory Compliance
There are myriad regulations that affect businesses in the U.S. and State of Florida. Depending on the industry, we provide our clients with a regulatory compliance strategies to avoid setbacks.
Labor and Employment
We advise our clients on various labor regulations when hiring employees, independent contractors, and executing executive agreements.
Contract Review and Counsel
We create turn-key contracts for our clients that keep their businesses moving without any issues. They lower the risk of disputes and help our clients stay on task.
Internal Dispute Resolutions
Disputes happen all the time. We advise shareholders, business owners, executives, and various boards in resolving disputes through mediation and internal conflict resolution.

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