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Florida State Trademark

This works great if you are just starting your business and you are on a budget. It takes 4 weeks to process.
Starting at $350

Federal Registration

Get nationwide protection and enforce your rights on social media. It takes about 9 months to process.
Starting at $950
Office Action

Office Actions

If you received an office action from the USPTO related to your trademark, we provide flat-fee pricing on helping you file a response.
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*Prices do not include government filing fees
Registering a federal trademark takes anywhere from 9 to 12 months. It can be a complex and tricky process. Working with our trademark attorney in Tampa will help ensure your application is processed smoothly.

Trademarks Make the Dream Work

Recent Registrations

We work with clients from across the world, both large and small, that want to protect their brand in the United States. Our lawyer works with Florida start-ups and companies to ensure they have a pre-launch strategy and protection.
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What makes for a good trademark?

A good trademark is one that easily identifies the brand and the associated product or service. The USPTO will reject trademarks that are merely descriptive or generic. There are millions of trademarks filed, so you want to make sure you are not using one that belongs to someone else.

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