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Start an LLC in Florida. We can have your LLC formed quick and easy.

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An employee or Independent Contractor? We'll help you understand the difference.

LLC or a C-Corporation can be taxed as an S-Corporation. Check out our Florida s-corporation formation.

Start a Florida Non-Profit. We also help with 501(c)(3) tax exemption status.

We offer flat fee document review services. Send us your document for a free estimate.

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Florida Business Lawyer

As a business law office, we understand that you have a lot of questions and need a lot of help when starting your LLC, Corporation, or any other type of formation. That is why we have created a small business and start-up ecosystem in the Tampa Bay area dedicated to helping your small business or start-up grow. Whether it's an accountant, insurance professional, software, client relationship manager, business coaches, or free community resources we can connect you to the right people.

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Meet Attorney Kalpesh J. Patel!

Kalpesh is a Florida Attorney and Counselor at Law. He takes a personal approach to every matter and provides practical business-minded legal solutions. His clients range from software developers, technology companies, emerging non-profits, festivals, and professional service organizations.


 - Kalpesh Patel, Florida Business Lawyer based in St. Petersburg in the Tampa Bay Area. 


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We are one of the few firms in Florida that offer flat-fee pricing on Business Formations and Contracts. Schedule a free consultation to get an estimate.

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We can form your company regardless of whether you are in Florida or located in another state or country. We regularly work with international clients to provide legal business law services in Florida.

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Build a relationship that you can count on for your business. Our lawyer is licensed by the State of Florida and Illinois.

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