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Welcome to FL Patel Law PLLC a business law firm.

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It’s more than just business to you, which is why it’s more than the law to us.
Whether you're starting, buying, or selling a business, it's still business - and everyone needs (and deserves) professional legal advice backed by years of proven expertise.
Our business lawyer in Tampa and St. Petersburg pulls back the curtains to make legal services more accessible to our clients so we can help them make smarter business decisions. With additional guidance on growth and business strategies, we never fail to go beyond the call of duty - time after time.
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Office: St. Petersburg, Florida
Corporate Law
We have a sophisticated corporate law practice that can help you with all types of corporate transactions, such as corporate relocations, corporate restructuring, buy-sell agreements, advising the Board of Directors, and providing general legal counsel.
Raising Capital
Our firm provides strategies to raise capital through issuing equity, debt, SAFE, and other financial vehicles in compliance with securities laws.
Mergers & Acquisition
Our M&A practice is streamlined to provide cost-effective legal services to help our clients buy or sell their businesses.
Intellectual Property
Our IP practice focuses on helping our clients cultivate and establish brands through trademark registration, establishing trade secrets, and licensing and distribution strategies.
Business Start-Up Services
We help our clients start their businesses and with everything else that goes along with owning one. Our attorney provides an analysis on entity choice, tax considerations, liabilities, compliance, and intellectual property, all on a flat fee basis.
Our firm can help you protect your brand and name by registering a trademark with the USPTO. We provide flat fees on all trademark filings and responses to office actions.
Contracts & Agreements
Our extensive library of contracts and agreements enables us to provide all types of clients with legal documents tailored to their specific needs.
Estate Planning
We help clients with estate planning and business succession. Set up a plan now to ensure your legacy continues.

We’re your long-term partner in business prosperity.

Committed to Your Success
In our process, we help our clients simplify their businesses practices and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their legal documents. This ensures that our clients continue to grow without any setbacks.
Trust the Pros
While you might be able to access quick knowledge from Google, it will never compare to the years of education, expertise, and experience of our business lawyer. We handle business deals all day, every day.
We've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, but we always focus on the positives and on working towards the best interest of our clients. If you're looking for guidance, we have it.


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