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Federal Trademark

Your trademark is one of your most valuable business assets. A good trademark is one that can easily identify the brand and the associated product or service. Our Federal Trademark Service ensures your brand is protected nationwide and enforces your rights on social media. Our Federal Trademark Service includes:

  • Conducting and reviewing the records of the USPTO and a limited internet trademark search
  • Drafting availability letter based on the search result
  • Consultation up to thirty (30) minutes limited to Client’s request for legal services and related information regarding the proposed mark, background information on trademarks, trademark searching and the USPTA application process
  • Response to general trademark questions and the trademarks search results (“Trademark Consultation Services”)
  • Preparation and filing of Client’s trademark application; post filing monitoring of Client’s trademark application
  • Responding to any informal USPTO Office Actions which require no more than thirty (30) minutes to respond and forwarding the certificate of registration to Client
  • About 9 months processing time

Trademark law is complex and there is no guarantee of obtaining a trademark. Contact us for a free analysis of your trademark!


This is a no-obligation order. No payment information required. Our Attorney reviewes each request to ensure we do not have a conflict of interest with any other client before accepting any new client. Prices are our good faith estimates base on projects we have completed in the past. We reserve the right to decline any project for any reason. No Attorney-Client relationship is formed until we have a written agreement any client indiciating as such.

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FL Patel Law has helped me start my business and served as a wonderful reference to lean on when any legal manner or council and/or general advice was needed. There has always been multiple options put forward with pros and cons of each business decisions given. Kalpesh and his team are trustworthy and reliable. I like that I can shoot him an email and get a prompt response. Highly recommended. I’m glad they are on my team.

Leighton P.
Leighton P.

I used Kal instead of Legal Zoom for a LLC formation. I will never use Legal Zoom again. Thorough, personal service, Kal answers all your questions and, most importantly, asks you questions that you probably did not think about. It is important to get it right from the beginning.

Anthony O.
Anthony O.

Kal is professional, organized, friendly and is a wealth of knowledge for a start-up business. He helped me figure out how to launch my product the RIGHT way. He had step-by-step advice on how to take it from a prototype to selling it online. He also had advice on patent research and knew where to send me for SBA loans. I would highly recommend him as a business attorney. It’s better to have help at the beginning to make sure you do it right!

Quinn R.
Quinn R.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is a Trademark?

A trademark is a word, image, or phrase registered with a government agency representing of a certain brand or business. Trademarks are the foundation of intellectual property protection. Without one, someone else can steal your original ideas, or worse — accuse you of stealing theirs!

2. What Are the Different Kinds of Trademarks?

Trademarks break down in two different ways. The first is by looking at the agency filing the trademark? In Florida, State trademarks are filed with the Department of State’s Division of Corporations and are only enforceable in Florida. Federal trademarks are filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Federal trademarks are good across the entire country.
The second way is to look at what the trademark represents. Although commonly used as a catch-all term, “trademarks” refer specifically to protections given to specific words or images. Registered services, on the other hand, are “service marks.”

3. What Is the Benefit of a Federal Trademark Versus a State Trademark?

Federal trademarks overrule state trademarks at almost every level. Federal trademarks also allow you to use the ® symbol and file infringement suits in federal courts. Upon registration, your trademark will be listed in the USPTO database. More on the trademark process can be found here.

4. Why Does it Take 9 Months to Process a Federal Trademark?

The USPTO receives thousands of trademark applications every day. Your processing time may vary based on the complexity of your trademark, its class, and the volume of applications under review.

5. How Do I Know How Many Marks and Classes I Will Need?

The number of trademarks and classes that you will need depends on your situation. However, you will typically want a different mark for each design, word, or phrase. The number of classes is based on how many goods and/or services that you are looking to protect.

6. How Do I Select the Right Trademark for My Brand?

When naming your business, don’t choose one that’s similar to an already existing trademark. If it is, your registration might be denied or worse – the other trademark owner could sue you and force your business to go by a different name. This isn’t just about avoiding litigation. Your brand and your name are in many ways one and the same and changing mid-course could lose any good will or publicity gained. Don’t run that risk. You can find our insights on selecting a strong trademark name here.

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