Venture Capitalists in Tampa Bay

Venture Capitalists in Tampa Bay

Do you know how huge this week has been for the Tech Industry in Tampa Bay?  Did you know giant investors like Bill Gates and Jeff Vinik are looking for local start-up tech companies to FUND and GROW?  Did you know your company could be chosen?

Yesterday I had a chance to listen to Andrew Akerman from Dreamit venture capitalist group explain a new tech incubator program to a room full of hungry techies.  You could feel the energy and excitement from a block away as business owners sat on the edges of their seats hanging on to every word.

If your tech start-up focuses on construction tech, real estate tech, or “smart city” infrastructure, you may have a shot at getting funded and coached by Bill Gates and Jeff Vinik.  If you already have a product out there and have seen some success, all you have to do is apply for a chance!  Once chosen, start-ups get access to the $3 billion redevelopment initiative and Dreamit’s network of customers and investors across the country.

Do you want to be sure your business has everything in place to take advantage of opportunities like these? Give us a call.  The Urban Tech redevelopment initiative is looking for companies that focus on solving problems in real estate, construction design implementation, including robotics and 3D printing. They also want entrepreneurs who have tackled solutions that will help the city run smoother for residents and for the environment.

I think programs like this will help place Tampa Bay among America’s top modern cities and foster development in other areas.  Once the redevelopment project is completed, the Bay will have 9,000,000 square feet of new homes, venues, and businesses, and your business or idea can have significant impact and reach! Keep a lookout for the next Urban Tech Meetup and Tampa Bay WaVE event!

If you have a great technology idea or business model, give your Florida Business Lawyer a phone call at FL Patel Law PLLC for more information on how to create, protect or grow your company or invention.

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