Florida Real Estate LLC Formation

Florida Real Estate LLC Formation

Starting at:

$2,500 + Filing Fees

Protect Yourself, Your Property, and Your Business with FL Patel Law PLLC 

We’ll help set up your Florida Property LLC for growth and success while also ensuring protection against liability. You won’t have to worry about any paperwork, either. Our Florida Real Estate LLC Formation service includes:

  • Legal Consultation Regarding your Business Formation; Limited to One (1) Hour of Attorney Time;
  • Limited Name Search;
  • Draft and File Articles of Organization;
  • Obtain your Employment Identification Number (EIN);
  • Operating Agreement;
  • Post-Formation Checklist;
  • Issue LLC Membership Certificates;
  • Telephone Assistance with Filing Your Annual Report;
  • State of Florida Filing Fee ($130 – Included); and
  • One (1) Deed Transfer – $499 Plus Recording Fees

FL Patel Law PLLC was created with the vision of empowering Florida business owners. To date, we’ve helped form more than 340 businesses for our clients, including Florida Property LLCs. That experience means that you can trust us to look out for the best interests of you and your company at every step of the process. Schedule with us now to find out for yourself why so many entrepreneurs trust us to take their businesses to the next level.


Prepare Your Real Estate or Property LLC for Growth and Success with FL Patel Law PLLC

Never underestimate how much of a lifeline a law firm can be when forming and operating a Florida Property LLC. In addition to responding to your business’s needs as they arise, working with our legal team can also do away with a lot of the hassle and stress that comes with setting up a business.
I am a software developer attempting eCommerce and was looking for a reputable lawyer with a current understanding of law based around online retail to help guide me in creating a professional complete LLC. Kalpesh and his team over at flpatellaw.com did just that and I gladly recommend them.
Josh R.
Josh R.

FL Patel Law has helped me start my business and served as a wonderful reference to lean on when any legal manner or council and/or general advice was needed. There has always been multiple options put forward with pros and cons of each business decisions given. Kalpesh and his team are trustworthy and reliable. I like that I can shoot him an email and get a prompt response. Highly recommended. I’m glad they are on my team.

Leighton P.
Leighton P.

I used Kal instead of Legal Zoom for a LLC formation. I will never use Legal Zoom again. Thorough, personal service, Kal answers all your questions and, most importantly, asks you questions that you probably did not think about. It is important to get it right from the beginning.

Anthony O.
Anthony O.

Kal and his team have been extremely helpful and provided guidance and knowledge to my husband and I as we embark on a new journey to starting our own company. We will be using his firm as our legal counsel for all corporate level items. His response time is exceptional and I could not be happier.

DCRK Ventures, LLC
DCRK Ventures, LLC

Kal and his staff were super friendly and they took care of everything when we started our LLC

John S.
John S.

Kal is professional, organized, friendly and is a wealth of knowledge for a start-up business. He helped me figure out how to launch my product the RIGHT way. He had step-by-step advice on how to take it from a prototype to selling it online. He also had advice on patent research and knew where to send me for SBA loans. I would highly recommend him as a business attorney. It’s better to have help at the beginning to make sure you do it right!

Quinn R.
Quinn R.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need an LLC for My Florida Property Business?
While an LLC can simplify and strengthen operations for all sorts of business owners, they can be particularly advantageous for Florida property businesses. Their potential benefits include liability protections, possible tax savings, an added sense of professionalism, insulated properties, the ability to streamline business operations and partnerships, and more. Hiring our law firm for your domestication or conversion ensures that the process is handled correctly and efficiently, safeguarding your business from future risks. While the initial investment might seem higher, it can save you significant costs and headaches in the long run.
Can I Form My Property LLC Without a Florida Attorney’s Help?
Attempting to form your own Florida Property LLC without an attorney’s guidance can hurt you and your future business in a number of ways. Businesses focused on property and other forms of real estate have their own unique rules and regulations, and the consequences of not following those rules should be avoided at all costs.
Should I Use a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Formation Service to Create My Florida Property LLC?
DIY and other non-attorney business formation services can seem like a cheaper alternative to hiring a lawyer. However, the results you get might not even be worth their free or reduced-fee rates. Some of their most common deficiencies include a inadequate liability protections, lack of expertise, filing mistakes or omissions, an inability to provide legal guidance, cookie-cutter forms and templates, and more.
How Can FL Patel Law PLLC Help with My Florida Property LLC Formation?
Our firm has flat fees for Florida Property LLC formations. Engaging with us benefits you and your future LLC in many ways that include, but are by no means limited to our convenient and time-saving services, comprehensive legal advice, expert handling of all documents and filings, assistance navigating regulatory compliance and licensing requirements, future support, and an assurance that your Florida Property LLC is actually providing liability coverage.