Your LLC and its Florida DBA – The Power of Names

Your LLC and its Florida DBA – The Power of Names

Your LLC and its Florida DBA – The Power of Names

As proud as you might be your LLC’s official name, it might not be the catchiest one available. This is where “fictitious business names” come on. In Florida, fictitious business names are also known as “doing business as” (DBA) names, and they can go a long way towards attracting new customers and clients.

LLC Formation

If you have already formed your LLC, then you are aware that the State of Florida requires it to have a unique name that cannot reasonably be confused with another previously existing company. Formation grants you the exclusive rights to that name statewide.

If you’re just starting out, check out our guide on LLC formation to find out what you need to set your dreams in motion.

DBA Registration

If you wish to do business under a name different from that of your official LLC, the State of Florida requires you to register through the Division of Corporations. This can be done on their website. However, different states have different requirements. Some require that you register your DBA with your local city or county as well, while some don’t require any registration whatsoever.

Failure to register your business’s DBA in the State of Florida can lead to either monetary or legal penalties.

Which Name Should I Use?

Once your Florida DBA has been registered, your business can use its fictitious name, its formal name, or both. This does NOT apply when it comes to official legal documents, though. Always use your official LLC name when signing contracts for your business.

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