Five Reasons Why Triumphs Over the Competition

Five Reasons Why Triumphs Over the Competition

Five Reasons Why Triumphs Over the Competition

As we move further into the digital age, online tools and software are more critical than ever to the success of the small business owner. Your business probably uses a few already, such as the popular Mailchimp for email campaigns or Buffer for one-stop social media management. But you must be careful. If you have too many programs, then it’s more than likely that your company will suffer a loss in efficiency as they jump from platform to platform scrambling to figure what is where and when it’s due. That’s why we’re excited to tell you about the refreshingly easy-to-use management system And yes, they’re the ones who spell it with the lower case “m.”

1. Easy to Use

When we first started using ourselves, we were immediately struck (and quite frankly relieved) by how intuitive and user-friendly the user interface was. The layout is easy to navigate and the different project fields (known as pulses) can be dragged, dropped, and rearranged to your liking. They even offer a host of different templates tailor-made for dozens of different projects in dozens of different industries. Of course, you can make them from scratch once you’re more comfortable with the website. team tasks

2. Centralized is simply amazing for streamlining your operations. It gives you and your employees a single, consolidated “base of operations” where they can communicate and keep each other updated on the goings-on between departments that, previously, might not have had much exposure with each other. This greatly cuts down on misunderstandings and oversight. Even better, it gives you as the business owner something of a panopticon, a single vantage point from which you can direct and keep a watch on your employees. mobile

3. Versatile

It’s hard to think of any business that wouldn’t benefit from Its template page offers premade fields to help you with sales, client management, production tracking and more. And if you don’t see what you need there, it’s not at all difficult to personalize your boards for your own particular business needs. Both small and large-scale projects can be tracked with, and you can similarly subdivide your staff by departments, teams, individuals, or any other desired category.

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4. Never Forget Again (Or at Least Almost Never)

We all have imperfect memories, but never fear – is here to help! has date and reminder features that will be your secret weapon against missed deadlines. You won’t have to worry as much about forgotten projects, either. This is partly because of the website’s layout, which is designed to make everything visible at a glance. On top of that, though, it also offers communication methods to make manual reminders easier and, once again, harder to miss.


5. Accountability and Transparency

Unfortunately, not everybody on the team will always be pulling their own weight. You might even have an employee that has a difficult time taking responsibility or fessing up to their own mistakes. helps keep these workers in check while also increasing transparency across the board. Your ability to assign specific people to specific tasks will eliminate all but the most serious excuses for forgetting the quarter’s most important project! You’ll be able to track their progress throughout the process as well.

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