Recap — St. Pete for Good’s B-Corp Event Captures Local Attention, Promises a Better World

Recap — St. Pete for Good’s B-Corp Event Captures Local Attention, Promises a Better World

Recap – St. Pete for Good’s B-Corp Event Captures Local Attention, Promises a Better World

We knew that many of you in Saint Petersburg were interested in learning about how business could be used as a force for good in the world, but boy were we blown away! St. Pete for Good and Conscious Capitalism Florida’sChanging Business in Florida For Good” panel event was a resounding success. More than seventy people joined us on Thursday, May 17th, to listen to local leaders in the Benefit Corporation movement discuss how their efforts have positively impacted people in the Saint Petersburg-Tampa Bay Area and around the world, as well as why other businesses would be wise to embrace the movement sooner rather than later.

The Benefit Corporation truly is the business entity of the future. No other kind of business appeals to the socially conscious younger generations as Benefit Corporations do. This is true whether you are trying to attract new customers or need to find skilled employees.  Millennials (and the upcoming Generation Z) favor products that they believe to be ethically sourced or environmentally friendly even if they were higher priced. And not only are they more likely to frequent businesses that have a reputation of giving back to society, they are more likely to want to work for them as well.

There’s more to know when it comes to Benefit Corporations and employment, however. People who work for responsible companies that line up with their personal beliefs tend to be happier and stick around longer than those trapped inside the processes of a larger corporation without any purpose. It doesn’t hurt that Benefit Corporations tend to treat their employees better than the competition, either.

This movement hopes to answer the issues caused by exploitation and shortsightedness that creates volatility in our workforce, environment, and our community. Our collective future must be protected. Benefit Corporations give us a way to dedicate ourselves to our fellow humans and environmental sustainability without compromising on the fundamentals of good business. If you’re tired of shareholders having too much control over your operations and are ready to become a part of the next big paradigm shift in the business world, then Benefit Corporation status might be for you.

Ready to learn what it takes to form a benefit corporation in Florida? Read our guide here for everything you need to know.

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