7 Tricks for Working from a Home Business

7 Tricks for Working from a Home Business

7 Tricks for Working from a Home Business

Working from a home business is a little trickier than most people realize. Unlike working in an office, you’re surrounded by your favorite distractions. You probably feel more relaxed there, too. That’s why we put together these tips to increase productivity when working from a home business. It takes effort, but you’ll be building new and better habits in no time!

1. Walk to Work

Except for the occasional audiophile and podcast junkie, very few of us enjoy commuting to work. You might have even counted saving on gas money as one of the perks of having a business that lets you work from home. However, taking a few minutes to stroll around the block after getting dressed and having your morning coffee can have a profound effect on your output. Doing so helps to mentally separate your “home life” from your “work life.” Many freelancers swear by this method when working from a home business.

2. Dress Professionally

Much has already been written of how clothes make a person. But what you wear doesn’t just show the world who you are. It also influences your behavior in subtle, easy-to-miss ways. Dress as if you were working on-site – whether it’s wearing a suit or going business-casual – and you will be surprised by your newfound efficiency. On the other hand, if you laze about in the morning in your pajamas and dragging your heels, you will no doubt be fighting the urge to relax and go back to bed all day long! Working from a home business require work, so dress the part.

3. Set-up a Proper Office

This is a must for all home business owners: don’t work in your bedroom. Don’t even try. Instead, set up an office or other work space in an area free from noise and distraction. Get a quality chair – something comfortable, but not so comfortable that you risk slouching back and falling asleep! Good lighting is also important. The rest is largely dependent on your own personal needs. For instance, a second monitor can be a great tool for those working with computers.

4. Organize Your Day

Set an agenda for yourself, complete with a checklist of tasks that need completion in order of importance. Keep any tools or papers you might need for work in consistent places so that you can find them quickly should the need arise. Make sure that your work space is kept clean and free from clutter as well. Being your own boss can be great, but to make your home business work, you’ll need organization and self-discipline.

5. Keep Normal Office Hours

Flexibility is one of the most attractive perks when it comes to working from a home business. But this doesn’t mean that time management is any less important. Without a taskmaster at your back it’s up to you to set aside enough time for yourself to get your work done before any deadlines. You should also be careful not to work too many hours in a day, as this almost universally leads to burnout. Working too much can be just as hazardous as not working enough.

6. Practice Self-Care

You may be a hard worker, maybe even one of the hardest workers around, but you are not a machine. Take breaks at regular intervals to help exhaustion. Make sure to keep your kitchen filled with healthy food and eat a full meal for lunch instead of giving into the temptation to snack or graze on junk food all day long. Consider exercising in the morning before starting work. Not only does this make you healthier, it will give your brain a big boost of endorphins, too!

7. Avoid Distraction

This one sounds obvious, even deceptively easy, but you must avoid distraction while doing the whole “work” part of “working from a home business.” Television, social media, the internet – we have more things competing for our attention than ever before! Even leaving something in the background can break your concentration at a crucial moment or distract you just long enough for that important point to be forgotten. Procrastination is the enemy when you’re working from a home business. Your shows will still be there when its time for a break, after all.

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