How Can I Reimburse My Employees for Health Care Expenses?

Last updated: January 22, 2020
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Health Care Reimbursement for Employees

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Objective: Reimburse employees for health care expenses.

Entity Types:

  • LLC
  • Corporation
  • Non-Profit

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Too many small business owners think that employee benefits are either too complicated or too expensive to take on. Thankfully, innovations in technology and health care administration have given rise to services like Take Command Health – a personal favorite of ours. These game-changers have broken down many of the traditional barriers that stood between employees and things like health care reimbursements or other sought-after perks.


Setting Up Tax-Free Reimbursement

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Take Command Health reimburses your employees tax-free for insurance and other health care related expenses through a Small Business HRA, or QSEHRA. Your QSEHRA is personalized based on an initial questionnaire that covers things like waiting periods, what qualifies for reimbursement, and more. All your paperwork, accounting, and legal plan documents are then provided at no extra cost.

Onboarding is taken care of for you, too. The IRS required information will be sent out to your employees and they can ask Take Command Health’s team any questions that might come to mind. Requesting reimbursement is fast and painless. Your employees just take pictures of their receipts and get the money back on their next paycheck. Tax-reporting and other regulatory responsibilities are handled automatically.

Connect Your Employees to Their Health Plans

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Your employees are going to have a lot of questions about their reimbursements, and chances are that you don’t know the answers. And that’s okay! Take Command Health’s support team of health insurance professionals knows just what information your employees will need.

Take Command Health also gives your employees access to award-winning software that uses hard data to help them find the plan that works best for them. It can be used to find personalized plans, search for doctors and prescriptions, and compare their options. The software lets employees enroll online, too, which saves everybody time and energy.

Customize Your Employee Benefits

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Traditionally, employee benefits were seen as the stuff of big corporations. However, because of health care technology innovators like Take Command Health, much-desired benefits are more accessible to small businesses than ever. Your employees will appreciate it, too. By using Take Command Health, you and your workforce can:

  • Call a U.S. Board-Certified doctor 24/7 for no extra charge
  • Obtain corporate and vision dental discounts
  • Get discounts on prescriptions
  • Apply for free HSA accounts, if eligible
  • Receive advice on shopping for personalized plans

Manage Everything in One Place

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You can get your Take Command Health platform up and running in minutes. It’s an easy-to-use online portal that can be accessed on your phone or online. This is where your employees can submit their claims, upload proof of coverage, and even check on the status of their reimbursements. If they have any issues or questions, there’s an online chat feature that they can use to get the necessary answers.

When it comes to administration, the part that you play has never been easier. You can add or remove Employees with a few simple clicks. There are even additional permissions for other administrators, like accounting or payroll specialists! You won’t need to bother with compliance, tax reporting, or keeping track of insurance deadlines, either. Take Command Health handles all that for you, too. It has never been easier, more rewarding, or more convenient to provide reimbursement for your employee’s health care expenses. They’ll thank you for it, and you’ll end up thanking yourself, too.

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