How FL Patel Law PLLC’s Florida LLC Operating Agreements Can Empower Your Business

How FL Patel Law PLLC’s Florida LLC Operating Agreements Can Empower Your Business

The Benefits of Hiring Our Firm for Your Florida LLC Operating Agreement

Contracts are foundational to every business, and Florida LLC owners should never underestimate how much they stand to gain from an attorney-drafted Operating Agreement. That said, Operating Agreements are the same as any other contract in that they require a lot of legal expertise, consideration, and attention to detail to get right. No document is going to protect you or your business as much as an attorney-drafted contract.

Attorney Kalpesh J. Patel – the founder and manager of FL Patel Law PLLC – is a corporate lawyer with a passion for helping other business owners in Florida, and that passion is shared by everyone on our legal team. We’ve drafted over 190 contracts for our clients and helped review hundreds more, which means that you can trust us not just with your Florida LLC Operating Agreement, but with the other agreements and documents that your business needs for success.

Take Control of Your Florida LLC with Our Attorney-Drafted Operating Agreements

Our attorney-drafted Florida LLC Operating Agreement is an essential part of taking control of your LLC’s future. Schedule with us now to see why so many Florida business owners trust us with their contract needs.

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Why Do I Need an Operating Agreement for My Florida LLC?

An Operating Agreement serves as a map for a Florida LLC, and without one, your company might not be able to safely navigate the different challenges that it will face in the future. It can be used to customize and regulate how a Florida LLC is run with possible provisions ranging from distribution rights to contingency plans.

Some of the ways that a Florida LLC Operating Agreement can benefit your company include:

  • Control Over Operations: Without an Operating Agreement in place, the rules governing your Florida LLC will default to the Florida Revised Limited Liability Company Act, which won’t always be what’s best for your business. An Operating Agreement will let you run your LLC the way that you want to run it with only minimal prescriptions from the State of Florida.
  • Liability Protection: A Florida LLC Operating Agreement can be used to further solidify the liability protection that the company provides for its members. However, unless your contract is drafted by a lawyer, these protections could be incomplete or missing altogether.
  • Disagreement Prevention and Resolution: It’s impossible for everyone to agree on everything all the time, especially in business. Thankfully, Operating Agreements can minimize disagreements between the Florida LLC’s members and even propose steps for resolving any problems that arise.
  • Establish Ownership: In addition to codifying who the LLC’s Members are, an Operating Agreement can also protect the company’s ownership structure by creating provisions accounting for divorce, incapacitation, or death. Different voting classes can be designated as well.
  • Ensure Everyone Gets Their Fair Share: Deciding how the company’s profits and losses will be distributed is one of the most important functions of a Florida LLC Operating Agreement. Other financial provisions can be included as needed, too.

Can I Write My Own Operating Agreement for My Florida LLC?

While there’s no law stopping you from drafting your own Florida LLC Operating Agreement, it’s important to know that this is a complex document that will shape almost every aspect of your business. That means that getting it wrong can come with major consequences for you and your Florida LLC.

Legal experience is pivotal to drafting any contract, and that’s even more true when talking about a Florida LLC Operating Agreement. Many business owners choose to have a lawyer draft their Operating Agreements and other contracts for the following reasons:

  • Lack of Expertise: You wouldn’t want someone without experience trying to run your business, and the same logic should apply to your company’s Florida LLC Operating Agreement and other contracts. It takes a great amount of knowledge and experience to get important documents like this right.
  • Wasted Time: Trying to draft your own Operating Agreement for your Florida LLC requires a significant amount of time not just to write, but to research as well if you don’t already know what you’re doing. This is time that could be spent focusing on your business, yourself, or your loved ones.
  • Additional Stress: The effort you’ll put into a project like this could easily burn you out when combined with all the other responsibilities and obligations that you have as a business owner.
  • Risks to Your Business: Having the wrong or missing provisions in your Florida LLC Operating Agreement is almost as bad as not having one at all. Without an attorney’s guidance, there’s no way to know if the contract you come up with will actually be beneficial to your business. It could even threaten the future of the LLC under certain circumstances.
  • Risks to Partnerships: A strong, comprehensive Florida LLC Operating Agreement is also essential to preventing future disagreements between Members. What’s more, if you insist on drafting your own, you’ll also be the one that they blame for any mistakes, too.
  • Risks to Yourself: Handling your business’s contracts yourself can also expose you to personal liability. That means that if anything goes wrong, your company’s liability shield might not be enough to keep you and your assets safe.

Can I Use a Do-It-Yourself or Other Form Filling Services for My Florida LLC Operating Agreement?

One of the most dangerous parts about DIY and non-attorney contract services is that they look like a cheaper alternative to law firms, but the two are hardly comparable. Some of the common deficiencies found in documents generated through these websites include:

  • Missing Provisions: An attorney can help ensure that your Operating Agreement has all the provisions that your business needs to be safe and successful as it continues to grow. When you use DIY services, there’s a good chance that important provisions will be left out of the final product.
  • Questionable Enforceability: Contracts found online through non-attorney services might not even be enforceable in a court of law, which defeats the purpose of having them in the first place.
  • Generic Terms: The templates provided by DIY contract services are frequently generic and inadequate in what they offer. Only working with an attorney can ensure that your Operating Agreement has the terms that your business needs.
  • Hidden Costs: These services could actually cause you to end up paying more in the long run than you would have if you had hired a lawyer. This is because you’ll need to pay an actual attorney to fix any mistakes or missing provisions, and to repair any damage caused by having a faulty contract.
  • No Accounting for Florida Law: In addition to not being able to account for your business’s unique needs, these services typically can’t account for state law, either. An attorney’s guidance is essential to making sure that all of your business’s bases are covered.

Why Should FL Patel Law PLLC Draft My Florida LLC Operating Agreement?

An attorney’s expertise can go a long way when it comes to making sure that your Operating Agreement is as beneficial as possible. A Florida Operating Agreement drafted by our firm can make life easier for you as an LLC owner in almost countless ways, including:

  • Convenience: Even for smaller LLCs, an Operating Agreement is a significantly lengthy document with complex terms. Placing a project like this in the hands of our legal team means that you can fret less over what should go into your documentation and instead focus on what’s important.
  • Customized Documents: As an entrepreneur himself, our attorney knows what provisions will be best suited for your Florida LLC. The Operating Agreement you get through our firm will be customized entirely to your business, its industry, and any other relevant factors in addition to your own needs.
  • Expert Guidance: Working with us allows you to benefit from Attorney Patel’s 10+ years of practicing law. An attorney’s guidance and advice should never be underestimated and is effectively necessary to find your way through certain legal and business matters.
  • Security and Confidence: Having our attorney draft your Operating Agreement isn’t just a matter of convenience – it’s an essential part of making sure that the document is worth more than the paper that it’s printed on. Our contracts can enable you to move forward knowing that your business’s interests are as well-protected as possible.
  • Future Support: Establishing a relationship with us now makes it easier to get help when you need it later on. As a corporate law firm, we offer a full suite of services that are tailored towards helping Florida LLC and other business owners.

What Types of Florida LLC Operating Agreements Does FL Patel Law PLLC Offer?

There is no reliable one-size-fits-all approach to what goes into a Florida LLC’s Operating Agreement, and every business deserves one that has been tailored to fit its own unique needs. No matter your industry or what kind of budget you have to work with, our firm has multiple options available so that your company can move forward with confidence.

  • Option One: Simplified Florida LLC Operating Agreement
    • Includes one hour of attorney consultation
    • Approximately 18-20 pages
    • Ideal for new businesses working on a budget
  • Option Two: Streamlined Florida LLC Operating Agreement
    • Includes up to two hours of attorney consultations
    • Approximately 30-50 pages
    • Specified voting rights, restrictive covenants, and transfer restrictions
    • Ideal for established businesses
  • Option Three: Comprehensive Florida LLC Operating Agreement
    • Includes up to three hours of attorney consultations
    • Approximately 50-100 pages
    • Comprehensive and customizable with Buy-Sell provisions
    • Ideal for businesses with significant capital investment

An attorney-drafted Operating Agreement is essential to protecting your Florida LLC and its members from disputes and other problems that could place the business’s future in jeopardy. To order yours today, or to have a previously drafted Operating Agreement reviewed by our corporate attorney, schedule a time with our attorney through our online calendar or give us a call at (727) 279-5037.

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