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From complex to simple transactions, we help our clients get the deal done.

Our Passion

From creating and guiding start-up corporations to counseling some of Florida’s largest companies engaged in multi million-dollar transactions, our merger acquisition attorney in Tampa and St. Petersburg are dedicated to helping our clients get the deal done. We geek out on all the possible ways that we can help our clients with their transactions, from equity carve-outs to earn out clauses to helping our clients get the most out of the deal.

We start by helping our clients understand the deal and the real value of the transaction, after the fine print. As experienced entrepreneurs ourselves, we get straight to the point when negotiating with the other side and get deals for our clients that they are happy with.

A skilled Florida M&A lawyer will review every part of your transaction, from corporate governance to the risk profile of the acquisition, business, and contractual matters, potential regulatory issues, tax implications, and corporate reorganizations to ensure that no disputes arise after closing.

  • Acquisition of two optometry practices for $650,000
  • Sale of service based technology company in the healthcare industry for over $600,000 with 20% equity in the buyer, plus a one-year consulting agreement for the founder with an earn-out bonus
  • Acquisition of a restaurant for $280,000
  • Sale of a retail business for $300,000
  • Partial stock sale of a hospitality service company for $300,000
  • Merger of two medical practices in the State of Florida
  • Joint venture with two professional service firms
  • Sale of 50% equity in a company for $1,000,000


  • Acquisition of a $6.5 million dollar Hotel
Industries We Service
Technology (Software and Hardware)
We work with several technology companies. Understanding and preserving the intellectual property behind a technology company goes a long way to making an acquisition or selling a company.
We work with small and large medical practices to consolidate practice groups. Our team ensures that there is proper compliance with patient transfers, HIPPA regulations, and licensing.
We have helped our clients successfully start e-commerce businesses and later sell their e-commerce platform to other individual investors.
Whether it's a juice shop, a convenience store, a restaurant, or a dry cleaners, we ensure that the business keeps running without any interruptions.
Real Estate
Land acquisition and real estate development require a team to get the deal done. We work hand in hand with our clients to help them complete their projects.
We routinely assist our clients in the purchase and sale of hotels, motels, and other investment properties.

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