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Private Placements Simplified

We work with our clients to set their companies up for successful placement and help investors protect their investments.

Our Mission

Raising capital or investing in private companies used to be something that was very difficult and out of reach for many Americans. Thanks to the Jobs Act, new securities regulations have made it easier for investors and companies to connect.

Our venture capital attorney in Tampa and St. Petersburg provide guidance and counsel to start-ups, investors, and established companies that are interested in raising or placing capital through private placement, convertible debt, debt financing, 401(k) or IRA accounts, or through crowdfunding.

Generally, individuals and companies are not allowed to raise capital for their companies unless they register their securities with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission or meet certain qualifications that exempt them from registration. Additionally, the State of Florida has enacted the Florida Securities Act which prevents an individual from selling securities unless it is registered with the Florida Office of Financial Regulation or qualifies for an exemption.

At FL Patel Law, we work without our clients to ensure that their plan to raise capital qualifies for an exemption under both state and federal securities laws. Our clients are pleasantly surprised to discover that the quality of our work is comparable to larger firms but at a fraction of the cost.

Thanks to the rise of social media influencers and entrepreneur gurus, there is a lot of misinformation out there. There can be dire and unexpected consequences for cutting corners that can ruin a company or worse, subject the entrepreneur to personal, civil, and criminal liability. Structuring your investment deal properly from the start can ensure that there are no road bumps when it matters.

  • Private placement of $50,000 in an e-commerce start-up
  • Private placement of $125,000 in a product manufacturer and distribution company
  • Private equity transfer for $250,000 for a minority stake in the company
We work with:
Family and Friends
Our team helps clients to establish small pool funds for joint management and investment in local businesses.
Angel Investors
We review transactional documents and subscription agreements, in addition to providing due diligence services.
Venture Capital and Private Transactions
We assist with fund formation, onshore/offshore transactions, and draft transactional documents related to private placement.
Private Placement of Equity
We work with companies to identify various vehicles to raise capital, including, but not limited to, subscription agreements, options, and buy-sell transactions with equity partners.
Debt Financing
We work with our clients to help them identify various debt financing solutions, either through convertible notes, secured transactions, traditional/SBA financing opportunities, or promissory notes.
We assist in the initial fundraising strategy and negotiation of a term sheet, pre-seed round, and subsequent series rounds. We ensure that your company has all of the necessary founders agreements.
We work with clients to identify the correct crowdfunding strategy for their business, provide counsel on campaigns, and help facilitate transactions.
Corporate and Non-Profit Investment
We help organizations with strategic investments by providing due diligence and acting as local counsel.

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